• Dinah Barthelmess

    Dinah Barthelmess

  • Allan Kimball


  • Faye Ryan
    First Vice-President

  • Judy Klingner
    Second Vice-President

  • Amelia Kmiec


  • Aimee-Lynn Newlan
    Executive Director

  • Kurt Steinhauser

  • Karen Hall
    Secondary School Theatre


If you are interested in learning more about serving as a member of the Board, or would like to be considered for a future nomination, please read the "Board Job Descriptions" and "Expectations of an ITA Board Member" to the left.  Click here to submit an Interest Form! 


Dinah Barthelmess, Wilmette Jr. High School

Allan Kimball, Southeastern Illinois College

 First Vice President
Faye Ryan, Loyola Academy

Second Vice President

Judy Klingner, Fremd High School


Amelia Kmiec, Round Lake High School


Kurt Steinhauser

Executive Director

Aimee-Lynn Newlan

Director of Marketing
Kelly Rickert, Goodman Theatre


College/University Theatre
Kevin Long, Harper College
Kenneth Kendall, Lincoln College

Community Theatre
Don Shandrow, New Route Theatre
Kathy Missel, Community Players of Streator

Creative Drama
Susan Antman
Emily Leonard, Beverly Arts Center

Professional Theatre
Christopher Kidder, Commedia Beauregard
Joan McGrath

Secondary School
Karen Hall, Maine East High School
Jonathan Meier, Mundelein High School

Theatre for Young Audiences
Brenna Cronin
Jeremy Schaefer

Director of Advocacy
to be filled

ANNOUNCEMENT -- July 15, 2016 Minimize

The ITA Board has recently approved the Nominating Committee's slate of Board of Director candidates for the 2016-2018 term: 

Second Vice-President
Carmel DeStefano 
Reavis HS (retired)

Amelia Kmiec

John Curran
Aurora University

Community Theatre
Don Shandrow
New Route Theatre

Creative Dramatics 
Justin Callis
Artists Giving Back

Professional Theatre 
Chistopher Kidder-Mostrom

Secondary School Theatre
Beth Ann Barber
Glenbrook High School

Theatre for Young Audiences
Erin Rehberg
Core Project Chicago

Director of Advocacy
Shellee Frazee
Beverly Arts Center

Stay tuned to the August eFollowspot for candidate bios and photos.  The Membership will be asked to vote on this slate at the September 18th Annual Meeting. Voting will also be available on-line. 

According to the ITA's Bylaws (Section 3:  Nominations):  
Additional nominations may be offered by an Association member in writing and must be received by the Secretary one month prior to the annual general membership meeting. Association member nominations must be signed by at least six bona fide Association members affiliated with the particular Division or Interest Area for which the nomination is being made, including the nominee.

If you have any questions, please email Allan Kimball, President-Elect, or call ITA's Executive Director, Aimee-Lynn Newlan, at 312-265-5922 x1.