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  • 09/28/2023 9:43 AM | Anonymous


    Stella Hoyt, Homewood-Flossmoor High School - Agnes Evans

    Mia Wetzler, Oak Park & River Forest High School - Tilly Evans

    Nathan Borgens, Lincoln-Way East High School - Chuck Biggs

    Lin Gilbertz, Centennial High School - Lilith

    Melodi Magluyan, Lake Zurich High School - Kaliope

    Keagan Greer, Collinsville High School - Orcus

    Alex Day, Adlai E Stevenson High School - Miles

    Cydney Thomas, Bolingbrook High School - Vera (Agnes Understudy)

    Graham Carlson, Lockport Township High School - Steve (Orcus Understudy)

    Taylor Ross, Lake Forest High School - Farrah (Tilly Understudy)

    Amélie Villaseñor, Mother Macauley High School - Evil Gabbi (Lilith Understudy)

    London Shannon-Muscolino, Lyons Township High School - Evil Tina (Kaliope Understudy)

    John McBeth III, Thorton Fractional South - Narrator (Nonsinging Ensemble)

    Mary Kate Schoessling, St. Charles East High School - Ensemble (Singing 1 - Evil Tina Understudy)

    Nathan Ruger, Walter Payton College Prep - Ensemble (Singing 1)

    Matthew Lipien, Naperville North High School - Ensemble (Singing 1)

    Kylie Steinhauser, Lincoln-Way East High School - Ensemble (Singing 1 - Vera Understudy)

    Natalie Brodsky, Harold L Richards High School - Ensemble (Singing 2)

    Camryn Leibfried, Carl Sandburg High School - Ensemble (Singing 2 - Evil Tina Understudy)

    Maxwell Churma, Downers Grove North High School - 2 Ensemble (Singing 2)

    Zachary Barnvos, Huntley High School - Ensemble (Singing 2 - Miles Understudy)

    Bryce Stewart, Homewood Flossmoor High School - Ensemble (Nonsinging - Steve Understudy)

    Micah Gabriel, Joliet Central High School - Ensemble (Nonsinging - Chuck Understudy)

    Onora Kirpanos, Neuqua Valley High School - Ensemble (Nonsinging - Narrator Understudy)

    Lindsay McCormack, Warren Township High School - Ensemble (Nonsinging)


    Alexandra Holubowicz, East Leyden High School - Costumes

    Anastasia "Stazi" Showerman, Urbana High School - Carpentry

    Anna Bella Perez, Burlington Central High School - Carpentry

    Anna Hill, Edwardsville High School -  Carpentry

    Aurora Pilkington, Edwardsville High School - Hair & Makeup

    Breanna "Bee" Crawford, Glenbard South High School - Carpentry

    Brooke McDermott, Bolingbrook High School - Costume

    Caitlyn Kopera, Crystal Lake South High School - Assistant Stage Manager

    Cameron Dominick, Riverside-Brookfield High School - Lighting

    Charli Blasius, Lakes Community High School - Painting

    Charlotte Panek, James B. Conant High School - Costumes

    Chloe Kovacevich, East Leyden High School - Costumes

    Demettri Rohn, Harry D. Jacobs High School - Carpentry

    Ela Pananon, Edwardsville High School -  Carpentry

    Eleanor Holmes, Downers Grove North High School - Carpentry

    Ellen Krivak, Riverside-Brookfield High School - Sound

    Emma Jenkins, Nequa Valley High School - Video

    Emma Madsen, Lakes Community High School - Carpentry

    Emma Wagner, Crystal Lake South High School - Costumes

    Emmy Buckley, Maine South High School - Painting

    Evelyn Mahler, Prairie Ridge High School - Props

    Gianna Nascimento, Glenbard North High School - Sound

    Ilex Rosen, Adlai E. Stevenson High School - Stage Manager

    Isabella Dodd, Glenbard South High School - Hair & Makeup

    Jessica Pfeifer, James B. Conant High School - Painting

    Jonathan Protus, Vernon Hills High School - Carpentry

    Kaitlyn Theusch, Glenbard East High School - Carpentry

    Kaitlyn Urbanowicz, Glenbard South High School - Assistant Director

    Kaylee Finazzo, Edwardsville High School - Props

    Kennedy McCarten, Lakes Community High School - Assistant Director

    Korneliusz Kopera, West Leyden High School - Carpentry

    Lauren Gullo, Oak Park & River Forest High School - Props

    Len Zielinski, Bolingbrook High School - Carpentry

    Lizzy Koppel, Bolingbrook High School - Sound

    Lucy Mulloy, Lake Forest High School - Lighting

    Macy Golob, Walter Payton College Prep - Props

    Madison Vitolka, Homewood-Flossmoor High School -  Video 

    Martyna Lipski, East Leyden High School - Carpentry

    Milo Bak, Lakes Community High School -  Props

    Naysa Rangai, Warren Township High School - Video

    Nicole Sanborn, Burlington Central High School - Carpentry

    Nikolai Gadomski, Downers Grove South High School - Carpentry

    Norah Bott, James B. Conant High School - Lighting

    Rex Ehman, Lincoln-Way East High School - Stage Manager

    Robert Johnson, Oak Park & River Forest High School - Sound

    Ruby Konopacki, Downers Grove North High School - Carpentry

    Saffron Kim, Oak Park & River Forest High School - Hair & Makeup

    Sam Greenstein, Adlai E. Stevenson High School - Lighting

    Sean McNicholas, Grayslake North High School - Lighting

    Tiana Mansour, Amos Alonzo Stagg High School - Costumes

    Wilson Hacke, Maine South High School - Lighting


    Alexander Romera, Oswego East High School - Flute

    Ashley Rokosz, Vernon Hills High School - Trombone

    David Burnham, Streamwood High School - Clarinet

    Fiona Guzniczak, Rosary High School - Cello

    Luke Johnson, Lakes Community High School - Percussion

    Phia Marino, Urbana High School - Bass Guitar

    Sarah Ballenger, Streamwood High School - Violin 2

    Aldre Santos, Mundelein High School - Trumpet

  • 09/28/2023 9:19 AM | Anonymous


    President - Carmel DeStefano

    Vice President - Mark Begovich

    Treasurer - Dennis Anastasopoulos

    DEI Director - Samuel Carrington

    President-Elect - Judy Klingner

    Member at Large - Kathy Missel, Promila Kumar, Andrew Rosenphalt


    Community Theatre - Dawn Farrell, Alka Sharma

    Creative Drama & Theatre for Young Audiences - Chris Holling

    College/University Theatre - Steven House, Rebel Mickelson

    Professional Theatre - Tracy Nunnally, Paul Stancato

    Secondary School Theatre - Michelle Bayer, Ryan Lambert

    IHSTF Executive Director - Hector Hernandez

  • 06/26/2023 4:03 PM | Deleted user


    ELECTION SLATE 2023-2025

    President Elect :Judy Klingner

    First Vice-President: Mark Begovich

    Secretary: No Nominee

    DEIC Director: Samuel Carrington

    Division Representatives​

    Community Theatre: Alka Sharma and Promila Kumar

    Creative Drama & Theatre for Young Audiences: No Nominee

    College/University Theatre: Rebel Mickelson

    Professional Theatre: Tracy Nunnally

    Secondary School Theatre: Ryan Lamber​t

    PLEASE NOTE: Upon receipt of the Nomination Committee Slate, additional nominations may be offered by an ITA Member in writing and must be received by the Secretary one month prior to the annual general membership meeting, August 26, 2023. Association member nominations must be signed by at least six bona fide Association members affiliated with the particular Division or Interest Area for which the nomination is being made, including the nominee.

    Board Slate Posting.pdf

  • 07/26/2022 11:06 AM | Anonymous
    • President - Carmel DeStefano
    • 2nd Vice-president - Open
    • Treasurer - Dennis Anastasopoulos
    • DEI Director - Open
    • College & University Representative Representative - Rebel Mickelson
    • Creative Drama & Theatre for Young Audiences Representative - Chris Hollig
    • Secondary School Theatre Representative - Michelle Bayer

    If interested in being placed on the slate, contact Carmel DeStefano at

  • 07/14/2022 7:00 PM | Anonymous


    Luke Ahlquist Oswego East High School Pied Piper

    Elena Akerberg Prairie Ridge High School Fiona

    Ella Anello Addison Trail High School Dragon/Fairy Tale Character

    Julia Aragon East Leyden High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Grace Arnett Carterville High School Dulocian

    Kaitlyn Bavirsha Lincoln-Way West High School Happy Person

    Fiona Bilkey Glenbard East High School Happy Person

    Joshua Bonds Oak Park and River Forest High School Donkey

    Nevaeh Bos Lake Zurich High School Dulocian

    Natalie Brodsky Harold L. Richards High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Mitchell Brown Carbondale Community High School Farquaad

    Stephen Byers Jr. Coal City High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Camani Campbell Romeoville High School Happy Person

    Juliana Canastra Deerfield High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Derek Carlson Coal City High School Captain of the Guard/Dulocian

    Graham Carlson Lockport Township High School Baby Shrek/Baby Bear

    Sallee Collins Pinckneyville High School Happy Person

    Molly Czechanski Lincoln-Way East High School Happy Person; Teen Fiona Understudy

    Alex Day Adlai E. Stevenson High School Pinocchio

    Blake Donalson Oak Park and River Forest High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Violet Easley Farmington Central High School Happy Person

    Bryson Edwards Carterville High School Thelonius/Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Brayden Follett Jacobs High School Knight 1/Happy Person

    Lilly Fujioka Adlai E Stevenson High School Happy Person

    Armani Gennell West Leyden High School Pig 1

    Charles Howerton Carterville High School Papa Bear/Papa Ogre; Shrek Understudy

    Stella Hoyt Homewood Flossmoor High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Victoria Hutson Oak Park and River Forest High School Blind Mouse- Fairy Tale Character

    Josh Jaffe Mundelein High School Shrek

    Claire Jansen Prairie Ridge High School Sugar Plum/Gingy

    Jersie Joniak Lockport Township High School Humpty Dumpty

    Justin Katin Adlai E Stevenson High School Wolf; Farquaad Understudy

    Olivia Konstantelos Naperville North High School Elf

    Felisa Lascano Hampshire High School Happy Person

    James Leonardi Fenwick High School Pig 3

    Ameriah Lockett Urbana High School Happy Person

    Lily Mace Adlai E Stevenson High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Melodi Magluyan Lake Zurich High School Happy Person

    Katie McCormick Lake Zurich High School Greeter/Happy Person

    Gabriel McKinney Homewood Flossmoor High School Ugly Duckling; Donkey Understudy

    Athiana Moran East Leyden High School Tweedle Dum

    Jayla Morgan Glenbard South High School Tweedle Dee

    Daniel Moshi West Leyden High School Pig 2

    Mason Natyshok Coal City High School Speaking Guard/ Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Maren Nazar Maine South High School Peter Pan

    Jonathan Protus Vernon Hills High School Knight 3/Dwarf/ Happy Person

    Finley Pullano Maine South High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Dylan Rhodes Amos Alonzo Stagg High School Queen Lillian/Happy Person

    Kaitlyn Rose Kankakee High School Blind Mouse- Fairy Tale Character

    Abigail Sanford Lockport Township High School Blind Mouse/Bluebird; Fiona Understudy

    Mary Kate Schoessling St. Charles East High School Mama Ogre/Mama Bear

    Tyler Schorsch Palatine High School Knight 4/Happy Person

    Andrew Schulien Warren Township High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Arjun Shah Hinsdale Central High School Bishop/Happy Person

    McKenna Sharkey Cary Grove High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Teagan Sharkey Cary Grove High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Zoe Shores-Navata Wheaton North High School Dulocian

    Cydney Thomas Bolingbrook High School Fairy Godmother

    Samuel Tichenor Edwardsville High School Knight 2/King Harold/Happy Person

    Joseph Timberlake Crystal Lake South High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Cameren Truelove Oak Park River and Forest High School Dulocian

    Zach Ulmer Huntley High School Mad Hatter; Pinocchio Understudy

    Audrey Wagner Hampshire High School Teen Fiona/Fairy Tale Character

    Amy Wang Neuqua Valley High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer

    Jack Winkelhake Burlington Central High School White Rabbit

    Jessica Wolthusen Oak Park and River Forest High School Wicked Witch

    Roya Zaucha Bolingbrook High School Dulocian/Tap Dancer


    Drew Bagby Edwardsville High School

    Joseph Begley Deerfield High School

    Robby Boucher Downers Grove North High School

    Chelsea Broeker Edwardsville High School

    McKenzie Bruce Streator TownshipHigh School

    Rachel Burton Burlington Central High School

    Caidyn Crouch Edwardsville High School

    Eric Curran Mother Mcauley Liberal Arts High School

    Jenna DuMelle Burlington Central High School

    Rory Dwyer Grayslake North High School

    Oliver Fisher-Rohde Deerfield High School

    Natasha Fugate Downers Grove North High School

    Nikolai Gadomski Downers Grove South High School

    Hannah Garmon University High School

    Graham Gatewood Grayslake North High School

    Eduardo Hernandez Reavis High School

    Maggie Hershey Maine South High School

    Julia Howard Deerfield High School

    Addison Kamilis Grayslake North High School

    Ian Kedrowski Oak Park and River Forest High School

    Chloe Kovacevich East Leyden High School

    Ellen Krivak Riverside Brookfield High School

    Talia Lasky Maine East High School

    Victoria Liokumovich Adlai E. Stevenson High School

    Sean McNicholas Grayslake North High School

    Charlie O'Connor Deerfield High School

    Zoe Petro Downers Grove North High School

    Ava Petrowski Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School

    Rachel Pfeil Neuqua Valley High School

    Ilex Rosen Adlai E.Stevenson High School

    Keegan Sampey Addison Trail High School

    Vera Soberg Walter Payton College Prep

    Megan Sowa Addison Trail High School

    Elizabeth Steele Glenbard South High School

    Jannelle Steger Nazareth Academy

    Zach Stutland Deerfield High School

    Emma Swiersz Huntley High School

    Samuel Tichenor Edwardsville High School

    Michelle Torishnyak Lake Zurich High School

    Rodolfo Torres West Leyden High School

    Kaitlyn Urbanowicz Glenbard South High School

    Olivia Virgilio Lake Zurich High School

    Aurora Wilke Edwardsville High School

    Isabella Wilson Bolingbrook High School


    Sarah Ballenger Streamwood High School Violin

    Stanica Butnariu Reavis High School Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

    Ciara Carroll Lake Forest High School Drum Set

    Kayla Connelly Coal City High School Alto Saxophone

    Analisa Cress Warren Township High School Horn

    Allison Dennison Harrisburg High School Tenor/Bari Sax

    Trini Feng Crystal Lake High School Keyboard

    Tawney Kellogg Oswego High School Flute/Picc.

    Matthew Kohl Glenbard South High School Keyboard

    Gabriel Koppel Bolingbrook High School Percussion

    Ananya Maddulapalli James B. Conant High School Clarinet

    Addison Paunan Buffalo Grove High School Violin

    Sam Rutledge West Chicago High School Flute

    Sarah Walser Bartlett High School Bass

    Blake Whattcott Bolingbrook High School Trombone

    Guitar 1 TBD

    Guitar 2 TBD

    Cello TBD

    Trumpet TBD


    Michelle Bayer Director Oak Park and River Forest High School

    Tom Skobel Co-Producer Lake Zurich High School

    Katherine Apperson-Skobel Co-Producer James B. Conant High School

    Connor Cornelius Choreographer

    Oak Park and River Forest High School/Intuit Dance and Momenta Dance

    Hannah Drake Vocal Music Director Harrisburg High School

    Lisa Garza Pit Director Bolingbrook High School

    Jack Micetich Costumes Coal City High School

    Hunter Evans Scenic Designer Downers Grove South High School

    Ron Bowden Jr. Technical Director Grayslake North High School

    Michael Clack Asst. Techincal Director Deerfield High School

    Hector Hernandez Properties Streamwood High School

    Anthony Bartucci Sound Design AB Production Associates

    Ian Garrett Sound Design AB Production Associates

    Noah Record Light Design Protolight

    Teslen Sadowski Asst. Light Design Leyden High School

    Alex Holod Special Effects Designer Addison Trail High School

    Sue Aldridge Local Arrangements Centennial (Retired)

    Lou Williams UIUC Production Coordinator UIUC

    Jimmy Chrismon ISU Intern Coordinator Illinois State University

    Lorelei Wernecke ISU Intern ISU

    Hailey Bonk ISU Intern ISU

  • 05/20/2022 7:33 AM | Anonymous

    2021-2023 Slate of Nominees for Illinois Theatre Association Board of Directors

    • 1st Vice-president - Mark Begovich
    • Professional Theatre Rep. - Tracy Nunnally
    • Community Theatre Rep. - Alka Sharma
    • College/University Rep. - Richard Arnold
    • Secondary School Rep. - Deena Cassady
    • Creative Drama Rep. - David Downing
    • Positions still opened:
    • TYA Representative
    • Professional Theatre Representative

    If interested in being placed on the slate, contact Carmel DeStefano at

  • 04/15/2022 6:36 AM | Anonymous

    The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Culture (DEI & C) Committee of the Illinois Theatre Association held a series of listening sessions with members who volunteered to participate. Before the series of three sessions were held, the Committee sent a survey to all members about their feelings of diversity, equity, inclusion, and culture within the ITA. From these three listening sessions, we learned that:

    • Email communication from the ITA in general can be overwhelming.
    • Our members sometimes don’t fully understand the mission of the ITA and are not always feeling informed about who is in leadership.
    • Members feel there is sometimes a lack of opportunity to connect across divisions.
    • Sometimes there is confusion between the work we do and other arts organizations across the state.
    • Members would like information sessions so they can learn about ITA and the Board.
    • Past leaders of the ITA would like to stay involved as sounding boards to continue to support the work of the ITA.
    • Those who participated enjoyed learning about the work of the DEI & C committee.
    • We need to rework our website to be more functional and user-friendly.
    • Finances need to be made available for additional training for the Board and all ITA Members.
    • The DEI and C Committee will be taking this information and using it to inform decision making within the committee, plan future sessions and panel series, and report to the Board on ITA member needs beyond the scope of this committee to encourage action and changes to better serve the members.

    Thanks to those who completed the survey and participated in our first round of listening sessions.


Illinois Theatre Association
4055 W. Peterson Ave Suite 105
Chicago, IL 60646


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